Finished Projects

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Projects that have been completed in Papua New Guinea.



  • Diocese of Aipo Rongo, Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea - Lenten Appeal 2013

    The Diocese of Aipo Rongo in Papua New Guinea is working towards becoming self sufficient. They are building a Transit House in Mt Hagen to enable the Diocese to raise it's own money. This project raises funds for the remaining plumbing, electrical fittings, doors, painting, beds and bedding, and whiteware. more»
    Transit House
  • NZD $15,000 - Completed 2011

    The Diocese of Popondota has fifteen parishes and four mission districts along the coastline and local rivers. There are no roads so access is limited to boat, which can be expensive and reliant on the availability of vessels. The Diocese wants to purchase a dinghy to enable parishes and mission districts to be visited, supplies delivered to schools, health centres and communities and to transport goods from the remote communities to markets for much needed cash. more»
    Dinghy and Outboard Motor
  • NZD $1,200 in 2013

  • NZD $2,300 in 2013

    Melanesian Brothers Chaplain
  • NZD $20,000 - Completed 2011

    ACPNG is a co-founder of the Melanesian Institute with the Catholic and Lutheran Churches. It is an ecumenical research and teaching institute designed to help member churches speak more clearly to the needs of the people in Melanesia. It does this by studying the Melanesian cultural traditions and taking them more seriously. They are asking ACPNG to provide a General Editor. The Melanesian Institute have a house in Goroka, close to MI as accommodation for the General Editor. more»
  • NZD $45,000 - Completed 2011

    Kimbe is a town on the western side of New Britain Island. Over recent years a church community just outside the town has worked to develop two environmentally sustainable oil palm plantations with a more»
  • Special Appeal 2010 - Completed

    In partnership with the people of Dogura, the Anglican Missions Board is asking for your help! We want to provide a tractor for the Dogura community to help them help themselves. The tractor project will provide the community with the means to transport supplies to the local school, health clinic, church and store. It will also help the community in a number of other ways. more»
    Tractor for Dogura