Previous Projects

Not currently supported or completed projects

Projects that have been completed in the Diocese of Polynesia. These projects no longer require support but you can find out more about them.

  • 2014-2015 Wheelchair Initiative
  • 2014 Sanitation for Children (Maniava School Dormitory, Fiji)
  • 2014 Water for All



  • Completed in 2017

    In Fiji the Diocese of Polynesia is assisting over 200 people of Melanesian or Indian descent, many of whom are children, who are facing the threat of eviction. The Diocese of Polynesia has been working hard for a number of years to identify ways to secure the land and negotiations with landowners and the Government continue. After working on raising funds since 2010 it is hoped that the land can be purchased this year enabling a long-term sustainable community to be developed. more»
    Landless People
  • Not being funded by Anglican Missions in 2018

    Anglicare Polynesia is a social service agency which is being developed to provide welfare services throughout the diocese including assistance during natural disasters, to those living in poverty, dealing with HIV/AIDs, as well as in the area of community development. more»
    Anglicare Polynesia
  • Completed in 2017

    This project - to install water tanks at Kasavu and Cawaira which are both located in Vanua Levu, was completed successfully in 2017 more»
    Water tanks for Cawaira & Kasavu
  • 2016/2017 project

    In 2016 & 2017 the Diocese of Polynesia in Fiji began planning to establish a Drop-In Centre for the young victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC). The Diocese partnered with Homes of Hope in this project. Following a meeting at the end of 2017, between the Diocese of Polynesia and Homes of Hope, a new direction of support for this project was decided due to the urgency to have a safe place for recent victims. more»
    Children's Drop-In Centre, Suva, Fiji
  • Mani'ava School Dormitory, Fiji - 2014 Project Completed

    Mani'ava Children at their dormitory.Mani’ava [pronounced Moneyahva] is a recently established village of approximately 25 households. Because of its proximity to the core of Viti more»
    Sanitation for Children
  • Project completed in 2014

    Fr Jeke at Matata with their new water tank.Ironically for a country comprising many islands water is one of the most pressing needs. The luxury tourist industry has put the Government water supply more»
    Water for All - 2014
  • 2014 - 2015 Project - now completed

    Navuta will benefit from one of the Wheelchairs.Wheelchairs make a huge difference to those who cannot walk due to age, injury, or disability. A new initiative of the Diocese of Polynesia is to gift more»
    Wheelchair Initiative
  • NZD $5,000 in 2013

    Naomi, a 55 year old widow, looks after her partially disabled elderly mother and son. At present they are living with a relative in a Housing Authority one bedroom Rental flat. A total of nine people are currently living in this House. The Housing Authority has issued notices to the home owners, stating that extra members should find another place to stay. more»
  • Completed 2010 - NZD $5,000

    This project has now been completed. On Glen's (Accountant and Projects Officer for AMB) recent trip to Fiji he visited Vunirara Worship Community. We provided funds for an outboard motor and the church had built a little boat to use it on so the Priest could visit some of the outer islands. The Vunirara Worship community is in the coastal area of Labasa in the Vanua Levu & Taveuni Episcopal Unit (Parish). The Parish also includes three other worshipping communities (Nukubati, Mautonga & Rewa) which are only accessible by boat. link»
    Vunirara Worship Community – Outboard Engine
  • Completed 2012 - NZD $5,000 (update 2013)

    Update April 2013: The crossing of the river, walking 15 miles by seaside, and sleeping overnight at the three worship centers at Wainunu Bua, by the non stipendiary Priest Revd Billi Anisi is finally over. The vestry from St Timothy Nabuinikadamu, Mission District is thankful to Anglican Missions for the timely gift of the outboard engine. The partnership in this project should enhance the Moana Mission in Vanua levu/Taveuni Episcopal unit. more»
    Outboard Engine for Sea Transport
  • Completed 2013 - NZD $5,000

    Dreketi in Macuata. Geographically most of the people of this community live near the sea and close to the river and parish members are scattered and live quite a distance from each other and from the church . Road access is limited and for the community the most accessible transportation means is by boat, which is expensive. Purchase of a boat and out board engine will assist the parish priest in having easy access to parishioners and the community. The Community will raise the funding and build the boat. more»
    Outboard Engine for Macuata