2008 - 2010

Finished Projects

Since becoming involved in resolving this serious issue, The Anglican Church has been working on building a fund to assist local churches or individuals to purchase land to give them security of tenure. Most of the funding received over the last few years has been invested into the fund to be used when required. Some however has been utilised to assist individuals secure land and build a home as the following two stories illustrate.


2008.Kartiyani.jpgTimely Help for Mrs Kartiyani Nair - $9000

Mrs Kartiyani Nair was separated from her husband while she was admitted to the Lautoka Hospital when she initially suffered from Leprosy. She gave birth to a son whilst in hospital.

Mrs Kartiyani and her son were struggling to pay for a block of land which was allocated to them by the Housing Authority. The purchase price of the Land was $11,565 and they had already constructed a permanent residence on the premises. The timely assistance to the 52 year sickly single mother this year from AMB has brought relief to the family.

Left: Mrs Kartiyani Nair with The Reverend Subramani


2008.Subramani.jpgDream Come True for Ms Agnes Parbati - $10,000

It was a dream come true when financial assistance was given to widow Ms Agnes Parbati, to secure a block of land to build a house that she could call ‘HOME’.

Right: The Reverend Subramani pointing to the piece of land secured for Ms Agnes Parbati