Sharing our Ministries Abroad (SOMA) NZ

In 2020 a grant of NZ$5000 has been put aside to support the work of SOMA.

Sharing our Ministries Abroad (SOMA) is an associated body of Anglican Missions. It grew out of the charismatic renewal movement in the United Kingdom in the 1970s, and is predicated on the fact that anyone touched by the Holy Spirit inevitably wants to go out and share that experience with others.

Teams of people are sent if invited by a Bishop. SOMA teams have been hugely influential in the Anglican Church, especially within Africa, where many senior leaders today directly attribute the growth and strength of the church on the continent to SOMA visits.

In 2011, SOMA NZ hosted some 200 international leaders in Waikanae, New Zealand, as part of the Common Life Missions Conference organised by Anglican Missions. Three years later, SOMA NZ went into recess after the departure of its National Director, the Rev Gradon Harvey, who became the head of International Needs NZ.

SOMA NZ was resurrected in 2018 with the appointment of the Rev Andrew Allan-Johns, previously vicar of St John’s Parish Rangiora as the new National Director.

Rev Allan-Johns attended a meeting of Archbishops of the Dioceses of Polynesia and Melanesia to meet current leaders and make known SOMA NZ’s desire to serve.

In 2019, assisted with our grant, he travelled to a meeting of the International Board of SOMA, sharing the vision with different NZ Dioceses. Read here their report for 2019

Photo: House blessings and healing in a Masai camp in the diocese of Kondoa. We took along a blow up globe to explain where we had come from.

N.B. From the SOMA NZ website “ Update 19 March 2020 All SOMA NZ missions postponed.
The board of SOMA NZ have passed the following resolution:
THAT: All SOMA NZ mission trips are postponed until risks associated with the Covid-19 epidemic have substantially receded.

However SOMA NZ are still keen to hear from anyone interested in future missions (possibly to Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Tanzania, Fiji, and Sabah). Anyone interested please see their website or contact the National Coordinator, The Revd Andrew Allan-Johns at