Project support via our Lenten Appeal in 2020


Anglican Missions has been supporting the Anglican Church of Tanzania for many years. As in other parts of Africa, the Church in Tanzania is experiencing rapid growth and is working hard to train clergy and build churches.

In building and renovating churches, the most difficult part of the construction in Tanzania is the roofing. Most parishioners earn very little – less than $2 a day. Bishop George of Mara has specifically asked for help in his diocese to provide roofs for 3 parish church buildings. They are:

Ikoma Parish – this parish is located at the edges of the Serengeti wildlife park and is one of the parishes where occasionally elephants break into the village and eat their crops. One of the church members said “please don’t put grass roofs on your church unless you are prepared to come to church and find elephants have eaten your roof!” It does sound funny but there is a real issue of safety as well. And a temporary canvas roof is not much use when the rain comes! So the aim is to put a colour bond iron roof on that church.

Maburi Parish – also located in the Serengeti, about 70 kilometres from the elephants. They have undergone a tremendous transformation over the recent year and have been reaching out to the local community. The Parish decided to renovate its vicarage so that it can have a fulltime vicar who will enable the established ministry to thrive. A roof is urgently needed before the hard work done is destroyed by rain.

Bunda Parish – this parish is a bit different from the other two. It is in a small town of about 50,000 people located on a transnational highway from North Africa to South Africa. Bunda is a headquarters for government district administration offices and the majority of parishioners are civil servants. The town is growing so the need for a suitable church building is very necessary. Their roofing project is more costly than that of the other two parishes.

Our Lenten Appeal began on Ash Wednesday, 26th Feb. We are hoping to raise approximately NZ$14,000 towards the supply of roofing materials to complete these church buildings.

The closing date for donations is 31 July 2020.

Read here news from the Diocese of Kibondo (2018/2019).


Past Projects


In 2019 $10,000 was provided towards the Archbishop pastoral visits to a further 7 of the 28 dioceses of the Anglican Church of Tanzania. The Archbishop’s visits help encourage the dioceses to acheive their mission goals as well as providing pastoral care to diocesan bishops, pastors and their congregations. In a large region where travel isn’t easy and where churches do not have a lot of financial resources, our support for this work is very much appreciated.

In 2018, $18,000 was provided of which half ($9,000) was allocated for Archbishop pastoral visits to 7 of the Dioceses, and the other half ($9000) of the grant towards the Strategic Plan workshop held to formulate a Five Year ACT Zonal Strategic Plan to provide the direction of the Church for the next 5 years. The workshop was held for 6 days and involves participants from 7 Dioceses.

  • National Workshop NZ $9,000.00 in 2018

    This project was completed in 2018. The 2018 project was to formulate a Five Year ACT (Anglican Church of Tanzania) Strateguc Plan that would provide direction for the Church for five more»
    ACT Strategic Plan
  • NZ $9,000 in 2019

    The Anglican Church in Tanzania (ACT) continues to grow. And with growth comes the challenges of training and equipping across large geographical distances. more»
    Archbishop's Pastoral Visits
  • NZ $7,000 in 2014 - project complete.

    This is the highest body in the Anglican Church of Tanzania that meets at the end of every THREE years. In 2014 the synod met in November to hear reports from all boards and formulate new policies. Present was all 27 bishops, 4 representatives from every diocese – 2 ministers and 2 lay people, and representatives of Youth and Mothers Union, about 150 in total. The money covered board and lodge costs as other costs were covered by the dioceses. more»
    Provincial Synod