Would you like someone to speak on mission at your church on a Sunday or at one of your groups? 

At times we are able to speak on the work of Anglican Missions – what we do, where and why. We can either preach from the Lectionary or focus on a mission-related topic – whatever suits you.

We also have other resources available, such as a power point, posters, etc to use for mission events.

Jesus spent time with, stood up for, and supported the poor and the oppressed – and our vision at Anglican Missions is to do the same. As well as raising funds to support our partners overseas; partnering with churches and other community groups is a priority for us because it allows us all to get on with the journey of being disciples.

If you would like to book a speaker, please email Linda at info@angmissions.org.nz, or phone the office on (04) 473 5172.