The work of Anglican Missions is the mission arm not only of the Three Tikanga Anglican Church, but also of Three Tikanga Anglican Schools.


What is Three Tikanga?

We have three ‘Tikanga’ or ‘ways of being’ – Māori, Pākehā and Polynesian. Each Tikanga has autonomy but is also closely related to the other two, like a woven piece with its distinctive individual threads. Our original constitution of 1857 was updated in 1992 to reflect the many strands that are the Anglican church in this land (see


Things Youth can do:
  • Pray for those involved in our projects and appeals
  • Volunteer your time and skills at the Anglican Missions office for an hour
  • Give towards one of our projects or appeals
  • Research what we do and help raise awareness amongst your friends and family
  • Think of a great way to fundraise, and make it happen!
  • Write a letter to encourage a youth overseas who is involved in one of our projects
  • Visit one of our overseas projects and report back to your school
  • Keep up to date with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and subscribe to our E-news (see bottom right on home page)
  • Use your imagination to find other ways to help!
In the past there have been short-term mission trips available, however since Covid-19 (2020-2021) these are on hold.
In previous years New Zealand youth (BOLD – building outstanding leaders and disciples) have visited Fiji

In May 2019, Michael Hartfield (then Operations & Projects Manager) now our National Director, visited the chaplains of various Anglican Schools in New Zealand to discuss future youth involvement. We are working to engage more youth in the work of Anglican Missions, so watch this space!

If you are a youth or work with youth who would like to be involved, contact Steph on Also, if you are in Auckland, check out what the Auckland Diocese is doing with Anglican youth there